Novice Lessons

A novice lesson teaches novice skills for our Beginner boats. Please read through the Sailing Guide on the website and finish Novice Written Test before class begins (though it is not required). Before you start, there are some facts to know:

FJ Novice Class

Saturday & Sunday May 25th & June 1st
Noon-5 PM

Bhanu Sharma
Sarmad Hassan

Class size: 12
Enrolled: 13

Class Full
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Sign up for FJ novice lessons, no experience or knowledge is required. You will go over how to rig the boat and the basics of sailing. Learning to sail an FJ is a great way to sail with friends and forms a strong foundation to expand into our larger boat fleets. Wetsuits will be provided.

Dinghy Sailing

This is where one can sign up for all of our Dinghy Sailing events.

Specialty Lessons

These lessons focus on miscellaneous sailing skills.

Pay attention to the class requirements and prerequisites. If you are uncertain whether you meet the minimum requirements for a class, check with the individual instructors.

Friday Social Sailing Night

Starts April 5th
5 PM - Sunset

William Rae

Class size: 30
Enrolled: 11

Friday Social Sailing! Every Friday from 5 PM to Sunset! Anyone can join, no experience or rating required, and you do not need to sign up, just show up at the docks! We'll have Supervised Sailing during this time.

WYC's CPR Class

Thursday June 20th
4-6 PM


Class size: 25
Enrolled: 9

Please come to WYC's CPR class. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is such an important life saving skill for everyone to know, and especially for sailors. Seattle Fire Department will be instructing this class. Room will be announced later.

Keelboat Clinic

Thursday May 30th
5:30 PM

Bhanu Sharma

Class size: 4
Enrolled: 5

Class Full
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NO PREREQUISITES or EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Come sail keelboats on Lake Washington/Union Bay. This class is open to everyone and is both a great learning experience and also loads of fun for both new and experienced sailors. Just show up at the docks on time!

Advanced Lessons

Advanced Lessons involve some of the boats found in our Performance Sailing and Keelboat sections.

All these lessons have novice rating prerequisites. Please check to make sure you have the required rating before enrolling in advanced lessons.

Windsurfing Lessons

Sailboard/Windsurf (Novice)

Saturday & Sunday June 1st & 2nd
Noon - 3 PM

Diego Alba
Ruonan Guo

Class size: 8
Enrolled: 10

Class Full
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This is a great opportunity for new and experienced sailors to learn windsurfing and to expand sailing ability. Class will cover equipment, wind direction, rigging, tacking, gybing, capsize, and man overboard. Once you are rated you will be welcome to join the club on off-campus windsurfing trips! Windsurfing/sailboard class will be held in conjunction with Sail Sand Point and location will depend on wind. Check out these videos as references prior to class! - [Beginners guide to Windsurfing]( - [How to Windsurf 101 - How to Tack in Windsurfing]( - [Non Planing Gybe]( THE CLASS WILL BE AT SSP

(Starts April 17th) Wednesday Night Windsurf Social at Sail Sand Point

Wednesday (No Signup Required!) Every Wednesday
4 PM - Sunset


Class size: 0
Enrolled: 0

Registration Closed

Wednesday night windsurfing at Sail Sand Point is a great way to learn new skills and practice your windsurfing :) Come to spend a good time windsurfing with club and community members! No signup required, just show up! Bring some food to share! Strongly suggested: Have taken a WYC windsurf class prior.