Novice Lessons

A novice lesson teaches novice skills for our Beginner boats. Please read through the Sailing Guide on the website and finish Novice Written Test before class begins (though it is not required). Before you start, there are some facts to know:

Supervised Sailing

Mondays/Wednesdays Weekly starting Oct 2nd
2-6 PM

Dylan Wesen

Class size: 30
Enrolled: 19

Starting October 2nd, each Monday and Wednesday there will be Supervised Sailing. No ratings, experience, or sign-up required to attend. Drop-in hours for sailing under supervision for practice, fun, or taking tests. Wetsuits will be provided.

Supervised Sailing

Tuesdays/Thursdays Weekly starting Oct 10th
3 PM - Dark

William Rae

Class size: 30
Enrolled: 10

Most Tuesday and Thursday there will be Supervised Sailing. No ratings or experience required to attend, this is when you can go out sailing and get a rating. Wetsuits will be provided.

Dinghy Sailing

This is where one can sign up for all of our Dinghy Sailing events.

Specialty Lessons

These lessons focus on miscellaneous sailing skills.

Pay attention to the class requirements and prerequisites. If you are uncertain whether you meet the minimum requirements for a class, check with the individual instructors.

Work Party

Friday December 8th
3 PM

William Rae

Class size: 30
Enrolled: 3

Come down to the docks for the work party to help WYC tackle a bunch of boat projects. Food and drinks will be provided!

Christmas Lights on Ithaka

Sunday Dec 10th
2:30 PM

Dave Swartz

Class size: 18
Enrolled: 9

Join us this Sunday for a holiday evening cruise on Lake Washington. Please come help decorate Ithaka with lights and then spend an evening celebrating the end of the quarter. We will be following the Argosy Light Parade. Sweets and other treats highly encouraged. Hot drinks will be provided. In case of very inclement weather, event will be cancelled. More details on discord.

Ithaka on the Sound

Saturday-Sunday Dec 2nd/3rd

Dave Swartz

Class size: 6
Enrolled: 5

Join Ithaka on a overnight class on the Sound, Kingston being our destination. More details will be on Ithaka channel on discord.

Advanced Lessons

Advanced Lessons involve some of the boats found in our Performance Sailing and Keelboat sections.

All these lessons have novice rating prerequisites. Please check to make sure you have the required rating before enrolling in advanced lessons.

Windsurfing Lessons